Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wreckers Awareness Week

So when we last spoke, we were discussing the good fortunes of Last Stand of The Wreckers #1. Little did I know that said comic was destined to sell out. Like, everywhere. Guys, thank you SO much for making this series more of a personal milestone than it already was. And screw buying it - thanks for enjoying it as much as you all seemed to. A reprint of #1 (featuring a spoiler-heavy cover...) is now out and about. I think I can say that if you're a fan of a good story well-told, whether you like TFs or not, you'll get something out of this series. It ties in and compliments the ongoing IDW Transformers saga, but you don't need to know anything other than what appears in our 22-page installments to pick up on what's happening in this series. So if you're a lapsed robot-comic fan who wants one last hurrah with Springer, Kup, and yeah...even Impactor, then track #1 down if you haven't already.

Now, #2 of Wreckers is unleashed, and at this stage that should apply worldwide. Due to a horrific road accident last week, not all of IDW's stock reached their destinations. Two truck drivers were injured severely in the incident, so thoughts and prayers aimed directly at them, people. But one of the minor upshots of this was that there's been some confusion about when and where the second installment of Last Stand can be located. It's out there now, Wrecktums, so seek it out. I have declared the next seven days Wreckers Awareness Week, and would like to give over a few moments of this blog for a very important message.

So spread the word (as you've been doing all along, you wonderful creatures)to the Transformers and comic message boards you populate and let them know that the Last Stand continues apace. Some are saying #2 is better than #1, so that's a lovely upswing we'd like to continue. There seems to be a real buzz of grassroots support for this book, and YOU guys can't all be wrong. So hopefully we can get some new readers (Or G-9 Deniers as they should be labelled) hooked.

A snuggly bonus of all this Wreckage is that the fantasmic Shortpacked webcomic, the go-to barometer for all that's gud with geeks, gave a little shout-out, so much did they enjoy our Last Stand. David Willis: (author of said strip) just because I haven't gotten around to drawing a comic telling you how solidly I believe you to rock, doesn't mean I don't think it. Thank you, sir.

(The next edition of Shortpacked features clothing that I would insist on wearing to my next BotCon.)

I'd like to leave you with a load of spine-buffingly Wrecktastic banners and sigs that the Cool Kids have put together in support of the book. Most of these are culled from the IDW boards, with a nice one nicked from the Allspark. All are credited to their creators, with huge love and thanks from me and the Wrecking Crew. Keep 'em up, and keep smearing them about, like casserole on an actress.

By Martin Fisher

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By HdE

This one's from Wingus of The Allspark:

By Daniel W

By Bludgeon

By Rycochet

By Thunderwing

By Zhgingaah

You've Been Nicked.


Mike said...

I (Thunderwing) actually made the Ironfist "Squee" one too, but I'll forgive you Nick, because your stories of robots hitting each other make my heart smile.

Nick said...

Yes you did, Thundermike. And the record now shoes it thusly.
(Cheers for that!)

andrew said...

My tribute to Last Stand of the Wreckers was in toy form:

Also, the whole thread is here:

I also posted the same pics on the Allspark.

Also, dude -- your series is exactly like my old Wreckers summary:

Uhhh. Linkity link. That's me.

Liz said...

I will happily buy more Wreckers each month to keep poor Ironfist alive. Clap if you believe in giant robots!

Also, I was saddened by the lack of Rotorstorm love so far, so I made sure to rectify that problem in my new Allspark signature. :D

TheWalky said...

Thanks for the linkback! Though my name is WIllis. Ethan's not the High Priest of the Church of Rache!

Nick said...

Ouch! Sorry for my messy vowels. Musta been the curry. Fixed!

Nuck Reche.

TheWalky said...

Thanks! Tonight Shortpacked!'s blog celebrates WRECKERS APPRECIATION WEEK. It'll be a blast.

Web said...

Travesty! The candy promo links back to... the one above it.

You know I <3 LSotW when I change my FB picture... lol!

Bisto Yeti said...

I have posted a vlog thing on YouTube to spread the Awareness.