Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wreckers: A-where? A-here.

Stand fast, Wrecktums. And thanks for maintaining optimum vigilance in my absence. I never stopped being Wreckers aware; it's just the Wreckers I was aware of were the ones that still needed to be drawn in #5. (A part of me dies with every death I must draw...)

So here's a round-up:


More robot dreams (electric sheep optional) coming true as the Transformers Wiwi site Wrecked itself, like, right up. Click here to see how those wonderful folk Wreckerised the logo and slapped in their entry on those Wrecker guys as there featured article for the duration of WAW. Guys, I dunno which of you wonderful motherfolkers are responsible, but mahoosive thanks. Seriously.


ANOTHER site has roofied this half-assed idea, toaken it home, done unspeakable things to it, and taken polaroids. High fives and over-egged ass-grabs at They've thrown up a nice hoo-rah call to arms to whip all the uneducated into a lather. They're also responsible for THE innovation of the 21st century, the movement to Wreck A Friend (WAF. Wonderful, wonderful stuff outta those guys. Get on it!


WAW has even infiltrated Youtube! Infamy at last! They don't let just anyone on there, y'know?

A wonderful chap I only know as Peaugh (but who writes for Fangoria Comics) up-chucked a great video of him saying nice (like, RIDICULOUSLY nice) things about Last Stand of The Wreckers. Thanks so, so much man, that's really cool to hear. What's even coler, is that he came across LSotW inkbot, John 'Waki' Wycough (Where, we're unsure. His house? The changing room in the local swimming baths?) and grabbed some incredible pieces of original inked Last Stand artwork for himself. He has my two favourite pages in the whole series in his collection now. Swine. He also managed to grab the page from #1 with the first appearance of the now universally beloved Wrookies. So click til ya can't!


Our Antipodean friends (Yes, we're friends now) are doing their bit here, generally being smug with their masses of Wrecker toy photos. All iterations of Wrecker are accounted for, and it's enjealousing to see all those toys from yesteryear that you'll never own. Well, not for me. I have them all.


And lastly in our round up, here's a...mental website which I'm glad is on our side! Carcass is the man in charge, and his sit features a very Impactful piece of art from the glorious Marcelo Matere. Gotta be worth the trip for that, kids?

And that's it for now! Remember the point of it all: Last Stand of The Wreckers #2 is out pretty much everywhere, except where it isn't - and it'll be out there tomorrow. Or the next day. Just don't give up! You can track it down if you Dare!

I hate myself.

But I love YOU.

Don't be Wary: Be Aware.

You've Been Nicked


Peaugh said...

No problem! I really do think you're my favorite TF artist. I was talking with John about it for a while at the local convention. He really enjoys inking your stuff, and I think you have a nice, detailed, expressive style that doesn't stray too far into cartoony or caricature. The lines are tight and clean and it just really makes the characters pop.

I'm guessing the two favorite pages are the first and last from issue #2? I don't blame you, they're AMAZING pages. I couldn't believe it when John let me know that I could actually OWN them. I happily dropped good money at his booth on Saturday. I don't know if you ever let the original pencils out into the wild, but I'd happily trade issue #2 Page 22 for the pencils for issue #2 page 1. I'm already planning on framing these next to the actual comic pages, I'd love to have a framed progression from original pencils, to inked art, to final page. And if not, no biggie, just figured I'd throw that out there.

Keep up the outstanding work! I'm always excited to see your name attached to a TF project, and I'll happily continue to promote Wreckers and any future projects.

Coffee Catholic said...

Totally off-topic for this post but I was reading your, "25 Years Since Everything Changed." Too cool. I've been dreaming of writing Transformers since I was 11 and I've been plugging away at it for aboot three years now. It's so daunting it makes my teeth hurt but if you never try then how do you know if you can make it?

Ooops. Benji's screaming. Cheers!

Matt said...

Don't forget Tformers also has

Got Wrekers?

Buy a Wrecker

Enlist a Wrecker

and Rate a Wrecker!

Carcass said...

Hey, Nicker,

Just thought I'd mention that the link to my site doesn't work. Plus, I just reviewed issue #2 for you. No offense.

MY GOD IS SO GREAT!!! said...

Hi Nick. I saw some of your transformers pages on DA and I wanted to drop you a line and talk to you about Comics and Projects. Is there an e-mail for you or could you drop me a line at ?

Incredible work.

Amazing Joy Buzzards
New Brighton Archeological Society

Brian said...

Man, I was so ticked when I saw Andy Schmidt say that Last Stand of the Wreckers was "nigh impenetrable to the casual fan." A representative of IDW should never say that about one of their own titles. It's akin to trash-talking, and the fact that he's your editor makes it worse.

This has increased my resolve to buy the series. I had to special-order issue 2 due to the problem with the shipments, but I'm seriously considering buying multiple copies of issue 3. We need to send a message to Schmidt that you're one of the best things about IDW's Transformers comics right now.

Web said...

"A part of me dies with every death I must draw..."

So... less of you will die if you kill fewer robots... leaving more of you alive to do comic-y goodness in the future? =P

(My favourite characters in everything always die...)

Red Matter said...

I just want to say I totally agree with Brian's point below,was shocked at the lack of support for an editor's own title! And I strongly disagree with the 'nigh impenetrable' comment.

I'm definitely going to reiterate this to IDW directly, just thought if anyone feels like doing the same the adress is  Though Andy Schmidt and IDW Editor in Chief Chris Ryall have accounts at IDW's own message boards and can also be contacted there.

I'm supporting Wreckers even if Andy Schmidt isn't!