Friday, February 17, 2012

Heroes and Villians and Legends and Me

Well done all of you for buying that there More Than Meets The Eye#1. Apparently it was the best-selling shape-shifting robot-themed periodical on sale that week, so give yourselves a reacharound. #2 (Nick-free but Milne-stuffed) has slithered down the chute this week and keeps up the pace. I'm still drawing covers on the sod, so keep buying it for the sheer Roche-completism of it all.


I'm in Belfast this weekend at the W5 for the Heroes and Legends Convention. ( It's got proper guests like The Guy From Aliens and An Doctor Who, as well as blaggers like myself, Declan Shalvey and PJ Holden, all sketching and signing for your mirth and disinterest. And I'll be debuting THIS colour print at the show:

For sale to you, along with my older Wreckers prints, and a TF: Prime poster wot I made. Lines are by me, and colours are by my fourth favourite member of the soon-to-splode-up yer Transformers: Regeneration 1 team, John-Paul Bove. JPB has been picked to colour the Furman/Wildman/Baskervilleman continuation of the original TF series which hits this summer, so it's a genuine ear-nuzzler to have him colour up this little scene. Check out his blog at which includes some RG1 tasters. He's a really perfect fit for the series as he was actually successfully tried for grave-robbing and attempted necromancy last year. Thanks John-Paul, you war-crime of a human.

So come say hi, pick up a print, and ask me what James Roberts REALLY did to that terrier. And if you can't make Belfast, I'm gonna be at the London Super Comic Con ( next weekend at the IDW booth. Same deal: come get a sketch or a print, and depending on which shipping list you believe, have me sign the Wreckers Hardcover.

Looking forward to fleshy contact with you. Come and get it.


flosoup said...

Thanks so much for the sketch today Nick. And for chatting away to Eoghan! You made his day.... He is still talking non stop about Overlord and the energon dripping from his fingers... Thanks again :)

David said...

How much to get the original art for those prints?