Friday, August 3, 2012

More Colours Than Reach The Retinas

Everybody Have A Good Time!

So, here's the colouredy version of the More Than Meets The Eye art brint, beautifully and expertly manhandled by my phavourite Photoshop phunster, Josh Burcham. Someday,Josh, you and I will be reunited and we can whore our wares side-by-side, like slutty versions of Prime and Magnus in Resurrection Part 1. If anyone's curious to see the lineart be improved before your very eyes, Josh recorded this munificent moment for posterity. Check him out doing his thing on hsi livestream channel Look at him go!

So yeah, Auto Assembly tomorrow in Birmingham (check for d'tails) and I can't wait. Already about to be sucked into it's slipstream with very little sleep, so be gentle, folks. I'm selling artwork from MTMTE #6 (Though please be prepared to pay extra for stuff featuring villains from Last Stand of The Wreckers), earliers stuff like Infestation and Ongoing #13, and I'm considering bringing some stuff from Death of Optimus Prime, though I'm loathe to part with those pages. Plenty of covers available too, (Covers to MTMTE kids! Woo!) as well as earlier prints, such as Prime vs Megatron, Overlord on the Throne (FNARR) and 'Wreck And Rule'. Colour prints are £10 a pop.

(A lot of overseas folks are interested in this MTMTE piece. I'm really not very well set up for mail order here, in more ways than one, but if I can set up an efficient system which will work, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks so much for all your interest. Maybe I should think about doing a regular print sale thing. We'll see.)

Another way to grab original artwork is to grab some sketches from me. Head shots are £10 each and this year I'm gonna try and do full figure commissions too for £50 each. Sketch lists fill fast, but I'll do my best to get around to as many as I can.

I LOVE this time of year! I'm like Santa Clause AND a kid at Christmas!

So, hope to see you all at AA this weekend, where I promise I'll be sharper and wittier and less desperate to sell you things than I am here.



James Rose said...

Great job this weekend Nick! was a genuine pleasure to meet you and I LOVE the 'Party Rodimus' you did for me :) Thanks again for, quite frankly making my Birthday! Hope you enjoyed the cupcake!

The Nerd said...

Hey Nick, It's Marc from Following the Nerd (we met at Heroes and Legends). Just watching our video of your panel at Auto Assembly and thinking we NEED to get you on the show! Drop me an email:
Look forward to catching up...