Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey gang!

Just wanted to set up the sketch list here for the Spotlight Megatron signing this Wednesday, February 6th in Forbidden Planet and Dublin City Comics & Collectibles.

Basically I'm taking names here for sketches I can work on in advance and present to you on the day. It'll be inked (with added grey shading) HEADSHOTS ONLY at €10 each. Above are examples of what to expect.

I'm gonna be taking on 20 advance sketches altogether. So it's first come, first served here. Reply in the comments section with the name of the character you'd like (doesn't have to be Megatron, or even a Transformer!), the shop you'll be popping along to, and an applicable real-life identity for yourself so I can ascertain who the eff you are. PLEASE only sign up for a sketch if you're coming along to the shop. Any uncollected sketches on the day will be flogged off to the nearest rube. And obviously, no cash, no sketch, no hat, no swim.

When the 20 is filled up, that'll be it! I'll be handling a TINY number of sketches in-store, so pop along and get on that list, but because the day is so hectic, I wanted to get these up and running first.

So set me to task, gang! GO!


My Mind's Illustrator said...

Hi Nick

Might I request the pulp hero called The Spider?
I'll be in Forbidden Planet and my name is JP Jordan

Thanks very much :)

Aldin Ademovic said...
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N Delaney said...

Chris from Punk Rock Jesus.

I'll be over to Dublin City Comics about 5, Name is Neil Delaney.

Thank you

Ian Tait-Doak said...

Hey Nick,

Can I get Armada Jetfire, thanks. I'll be in DCC, my name is Ian Tait.


Aldin Ademovic said...

Hey Nick,

Could I request Onslaught from the combaticons? I'll be down at Dublin City Comics, the name is Aldin Ademovic.

Could you also make the sketch out to 'Troy', instead of me. Sorry for edit!

Thank you!

Jonathon O'Toole said...

Hi Nick,

Would it be possible for you to sketch Shattered Glass Rodimus for me?

I'll be in Dublin City Comics around 4pm.


Jonathan O'Toole

Luke said...
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Luke said...

Heya Nick,

can I get a sketch of Thundercracker if you can fit me in? I'll be around DCC and FP so i'll catch you then. I'm Luke Hollywood, the guy who likes Topspin!

bloodymajeh said...

hi Nick,

any chance you can draw a deadpool for me, ill be in forbidden planet early 2moro, my name's jamie corr

thanks kindly

Adamcunningham38 said...

Hey Nick Adam Cunningham here, I'll be in Dublin City Comics. Can I get a sketch of Prowl please?

How about a team up with Prowl and Batman one day? :-)

Simon Moore said...

Hi Nick
My request is Megatron but with him wearing a Bane mask from The Dark Knight Rises. It's for my friend so write To David on it

I'll be able to get it around 4PM at DCC

bloodymajeh said...

umm i asked for deadpool but forgot to get it, parenal obligations took preference, do you still have it????

Nick said...

Hi Bloodymajeh: Sorry, I had to let it go on the day. Tap me next time for one, and I'll do you a fresh one. These things happen, eh?