Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hi all!

This year, I'm gonna be attending the New York Comic Con for all four days - Thursday through til Sunday. I'm very excited to attend my first non-Transformers convention Stateside.

I'm sharing a table with top Transformers artist and swanky-looking SOB, Andrew Griffith, artist on Robots In Disguise. More details on where to find us in Artists' Alley shortly.

So I'm putting together a sketch list! A very limited one, I'm afraid. Currently, I'm only taking on FIVE A4 (29.7 x 21 cm) Black & White FULL SINGLE FIGURE commissions. Each illustration will be priced at $150. There are examples of what's involved below the text.

If you're interested, follow these simple instructions!

*Reply in the 'Comments' section below.
*State YOUR name, your CHARACTER request and what DAY you will be available to collect your piece.
*Sorry, NO fan characters.
*Once five names appear in the Comments section, consider the list cut off.

I hope to be able to open up a second sketch list for character busts/ head & shoulder shots nearer the time, but for now, this is it. Contact me here or on for further info.

Thanks SO much for this, gang! I'm SUPER excited to make this show. Can't wait to chat and talk rot at you in person.


*ONLY order if you are going to be in attendance to collect your artwork.


Maki said...

Hi Nick,

So excited to see you at NYCC!

Name: Maki
Request: MTMTE Rodimus, full figure
Pick-up: Thursday AM or Friday AM

Thanks. Safe travels.

Robert Dakis said...

Hi Nick!

My name is Gus, and I’d love a full figure commission of Trypticon, please. I’ll be at the convention all four days and can pick up throughout. Thank you so much!


Yri said...

Hi Nick!
My name is Yijin (Carmine) and I'd love to have full figure of Overlord!
I will be at the convention on saturday :) See you there!

Dorca said...

Hey, Nick!

I'm Erica, and I'll be at NYCC Friday-Sunday. I can pick up any time. I'd love to have a full figure Starscream. THank you so much!

Adam May said...
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Adam May said...

Hey chap

Name: Adam
Request : Cliffjumper (regular not Prime)
Pick Up : Fri or Sat anytime

Nick said...

LIST FULL! Thanks guys, SO much! Check back for busts hopefully before the event!


Samantha said...

Hello Nick!

I actually have a question I was hoping you could answer regarding your upcoming attendance at New York Comic Con! I'm terribly excited that you are going to be there...I greatly admire your work in both the writing and art arenas and news of your attendance has become the highlight of NYCC for me (looking foward to shovelling my dubiously-earned money your way for any prints you might be offering!).

I was curious what your feelings on (informal) portfolio reviews are? That is, if you have any free time, if you're willing to give some pointers to aspiring comics artists at conventions. I know some artists dont mind doing so as long as they aren't too busy, but others aren't comfortable with it, so I thought I'd find out your feelings on the matter! It is perfectly understandable if it's not something you do, I just wanted to find out, because as I said, I really admire your work!

Thanks and take care!