Thursday, January 9, 2014


Happy New Year, Rochearounds! In light of the excellent taste and moral values held by the listeners of the Transmissions Podcast (Listen to their end of year round-up here: who voted me as best Transformers Cover Artist 2013, here is - more or less - a year in robot covers, in a higher resolution than my previous mosaic depicted them. Your favourite's #17, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

This also ties in with the fact that, as of #29, I will no longer be one of the 50:50 A/B covers to More Than Meets The Eye. I'll be providing the subscription cover, and if you want my variant, you'll have to ask your retailer (NICELY) to order my cover specially. I'll try and make the artwork available nice and early, so you can chose for yourself if it's worth the punt or not, but if you're happy to take a risk, place a standing order with your supplier, and let the good times Roche (WHAT).

Oh, more to come, but my Marvel one-shot, REVOLUTIONARY WAR: DEATH'S HEAD II hits on February 12th. PLEASE, non-Marvel, TF-only readers, buy the heck out of that one. I think you'll all like it, but I know I'll love you forever if you can back me on that one. 

Also arriving in the middle of the year is my top-secret project with professional funnyist Brian Lynch. It features, without doubt, my favourite, and I think, strongest work of my career. and it's SO different from Death's Head and Transformers, it's unreal. More soon on that. 

Thanks for all your support in 2013. Already, there's more from me this year than the last, as the hard work of 2013 finally sees the light of day. If you like giant robots, smaller, grittier ones or something really flippin' different, I will provide thusly for you in the next twelve months.

Be seeing you.


Big C said...

Hey Nick, thanks for the shout out! Here's a direct link to our podcast for those interested!

And we'd love to have you on the show sometime to talk Transformers, Death's Head, and whatever else you've got coming for 2014!

Martin Fisher said...

MTMTE #12 cover is the best. But I admit to being bias since Rodimus is on it and I own the original :)

William Zachman said...

Well, Distribution error made your last MTMTE cover come out stateside as 1:10 ratio. Not a bad way to end it.

Wish I could get a hold of your MTMTE 19 RI 1:25!