Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This year, I've decided to tarnish TFCON Chicago (October 21st-23rd, at the Hyatt Regency: http://www.tfcon.com/) with my presence. I haven't done an American convention since 2009, and I've had two whole Wreckers series come out since then, so I figured I should at least apologise for my absence in person.

As it stands, I'm NOT a guest of the show, just a regular exhibitor/vendor/journeyman type, but the reaction I've had at some European shows in the wake of Sins Of The Wreckers release led me to decide that now is definitely a good time to take the plunge. I've just heard too many good things about the event, and who knows when I'll have enough robot heat again to warrant a visit to one of these shindigs. So, I'm very much looking forward to meeting my fellow IDW creators, and all of you nice folks who chat with me on Twitter, and buy my comics, etc...

I'm there throughout the whole weekend (might have to nip off an hour early on the Sunday for my flight, we'll see) and will have lots of prints (including my MTMTE cast shots) and even original artwork on display and for sale. My current experience of these events is that I haven't got much - if any - time to sketch AT the convention itself. If I can take on sketch requests at TFCon itself that I can guarantee to finish on time without mailing them out, I surely will. But the likelihood is that these commission slots here are all I can be sure of completing, so roll up! Here's how you can get your hands on some tailor-made Nick Roche robot (or otherwise) art!

Pre-Order Price for an A4 Black & White HEADSHOT ONLY shot (40 available) is $50

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!

* ONE Sketch PER PERSON. Please don't make multiple requests.
* The numbers available are as stated above. Once they've been filled, please don't send any more requests unless further slots become available.  
* Payment must be at TFCon, NOT via Paypal in advance
*I will only be able to accept CASH at TFCon Chicago, no cards. 
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* Seriously, this happens a LOT. It's not cool, and I will name and shame offenders!
I've always wanted to meet like-minded people in a Chicago hotel, so help me make my dream come true. See you there!


Marian Hilditch said...

Marian (@mmortah)
MTMTE Season 3/new design Drift, smiling.
Will be there all days.


PS: Would you like euros?

wtrz98 said...

Will Rzeszutko


Saturday, preferably towards the morning

Welcome back to the US Nick! :D

Ria said...

Hey Nick!
This is Anna again! I absolutely ADORED the tarantulas headshot you did at TFN, so much so, would it be possible for a companion piece w/ SOTW Prowl? Like him facing the left and holding a mug too. But the mug instead says "#1 Dad" but with the #1 crossed out.
I'll be volunteering so I'll be around all three days for pickup! Thanks again for your great work!!

BartWalls said...

Bart Walls


I will be there all weekend, I can pick it up Friday afternoon so you don't have to hold onto it all weekend :)

Hope this is cool! Thanks in advance!

Sara Pitre-Durocher said...

Hi hi :>! Sara Pitre-Durocher here. I'd love a headshot of Tailgate being happy and adorable please ;o; I'll be there the whole 3 days as well. Thank you!

Laura Knapton said...

Hi Nick, glad we'll get to see you there!

Haven't seen you in ages, but I'll finally have a chance to pick up the headshot of happy Snare from AA (paid at show with understanding of pick-up later) in person.

If a new commission for this con would be OK in addition to picking up an old one, I'd like to go with a headshot of a happy Tarantulas this time (whatever that entails).

I'll be there all days for pick-up.

Thank you!

Alicia Williams said...

Alicia Williams (@dustbunny105)
I'll be there all three days

Thanks in advance, looking forward to meeting you :D

Ha-Hee Prime said...

Hi Nick! Thanks for coming to Chicago, and opening commissions.
In my not-so-stealth effort to have the Art Gods illustrate my fanfic magnum opus [muahaha] I’d like a headshot of Optimus Prime, but with NO faceplate. He looks a touch awkward without it; just a regular guy. If you can include this in a headshot, he's got this symbol http://ha-heeprime.deviantart.com/art/All-Are-One-Icon-162047727 on a chain around his neck (It's what the faceplate has been forged into. He can even be sort of holding the bot/con sigil halfway over his face, cause he still feels a bit nekkid. You know that half grin you do when you feel awkward but know it's sill y to feel awkward? That.
Thanks again! I shall shower you with cash at TFcon!!
--Ha-Hee Prime

Josh Stieglitz said...

Hi Nick!
Joshua Stieglitz (@Barricade64 on Twitter)

Would it be possible to get a headshot of Impactor that pays homage to this pose of Venom Snake? http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/metalgear/images/f/fa/Venom.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160721195501&path-prefix=es

I'll be there all 3 days. Thanks!

Chad Zimmerman said...

Hi Nick,My name is Chad Zimmerman, I'd love to get a headshot of Deathsaurus, I'll be around all day on Saturday Oct 22nd.I'm sooo STOKED to meet you :)

Monica Medeiros said...


Glad you could make it for TFcon! Could I get a triumphant looking MTMTE style Megatron with a blue flower or 2?

I'll be at the hotel all 3 days but Saturday is best for me.

Many Thanks!
Monica Medeiros (@zellezeion)

Emma Gronbeck said...

Hi! Emma Gronbeck here.

I'd like to request Wing (from the Drift miniseries) smiling like a beam of sunlight personified.

I'll be at the con Saturday and Sunday but will probably pick up the sketch on saturday.

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you're going to attending the convention and I'm really excited to meet you!

Indie Cincy said...

Hey Nick,


I am in Chicago from Thursday to Monday.

Chandler Dethy

sewing stars said...

Hello! Weeformer here! I'd love one of First Aid bring adorable in some way. I leave that up to you! And if you want a weeformer (maybe you do, but no hurt feelings if you don't!) let me know who you'd like! ^_^

sewing stars said...

Oh! Your posts cuts off on phones... My name is Teresa Levy.

Unknown said...

Hey Nick, my name's Richard McCray and would love a headshot of Wreck Gar. I'll be there all day Saturday Oct 22. Can't wait wooooooo

mikelandrews said...

NAME: Mikel Andrews

CHARACTER: I would really love Armada Hot shot please!


Thank you, Nick!

cassetticon said...

Hey, I'm Lee; I'd like a happy Ravage, please! I'll be around Friday and Saturday to pick it up. Thank you for doing this!

kt_jams @ me.com said...

Hi Nick, my name is Katie and I would like to request a headshot of Tarn please! I will be at the convention for the duration of all 3 days :)

Wilson said...

Hi Nick. My name is Chris Wilson. Would love to get a head sketch of Overlord with blood/Energon all over him. I will pick it up on Saturday. Thanks.

Tara Puckett said...

Hi! I'm Tara Puckett, and can I get a sixshot...um, being awesome?
Plan on picking it up satuday. Thank you.

Wreckerbooty said...

Hi, I'm Amy Gregory.

Can I get a happy Snare headshot?

I'll be Arriving Friday and Leaving Monday Morning.


Jessica Silvia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Silvia said...

Hello again Nick!
Jessica Silvia once more, If a happy headshot of Swerve would be okay with you I would like to add that to my collection! I'm at the con from Oct 20th through the 23rd and can pick up anytime!

The Floating Cat said...


My name is Andrew Green, but Nick Campbell will be picking it up for me as I cannot attend. He will be there for the duration. I'm looking for a headshot of Sunstreaker. Thanks!

Jeremy said...

Hi Nick,
My name is Jeremy Dennis (from the TransMissions podcast). I'd love to get a headshot of Megatron. It'll be great to finally meet you in person!

William Frizzell said...

Hi Nick,

My name is Will Frizzell. I'd like to get a headshot of Roadbuster (head intact please!) I will be at the con on Oct 23rd.

Thank you!

Ha-Hee Prime said...

Hey Nick, I'll be picking up Tara Puckett's commission for her along with my own, as she can't come to the convention. I'll be there from the time they open the doors to the time they drag me from the building, and during that span, I will hunt you down sir! Thanks again, pal. See you there. :D

Unknown said...

My name is Alberto Agostini, i would like to ask for a headshot of Kaon, i can pick it up during saturday or sunday

Emily Springer said...

Emily (@Nanodragon) here! When I got the Generations Springer toy it was so good I joked "I'm going to marry this toy." Can you make my dream come true? I'd like a headshot of Springer on our wedding day, maybe with a bowtie or something. (Let's be real, you knew you were going to get at least one weird request.) I should be around all weekend to pick it up, but Friday and Saturday most likely. Thank you!

Jim Semonik said...

Jim Semonik here. Would like a headshot of G1 Needlenose. Will be there all 3 days, sir. Tried to get on the other list but it may have been full. I Would like this on a blank sketch cover. I can provide one at the con or reimbuse you one. Thanks so much.

Jim Semonik said...

Jim Semonik here. Would like a headshot of G1 Needlenose. Will be there all 3 days, sir. Tried to get on the other list but it may have been full. I Would like this on a blank sketch cover. I can provide one at the con or reimbuse you one. Thanks so much.

M.Roberge said...

Hi Nick! My name is Michelle Roberge and I'd like a commission of Deathsaurus. I'll be available all three days of the con and will pick up whenever works best for you.

Thanks a bunch!

pharaoh doll said...

Hi Nick!

My name's Elisa, and I would love if I could get a headshot of IDW Jazz maybe holding a drink, if that would be alright? I'll be at the con all three days, so I can pick it up whenever. Super excited to see you at a con I'm going to!