Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hey all! To push SINS OF THE WRECKERS to Christmas bestselling dominance, and also to launch LOST LIGHT #1 -- the re-named and re-looked More Than Meets The Eye -- Travelling Man comic shop in Manchester are hosting a pre-Christmas shindig that also operates as an IDW staff night out. James Roberts, Jack Lawrence and I will be there flirting outrageously with each other, and if we think you won't press charges, you.

I'll be bringing art prints to sell. Lots of More Than Meets The Eye and Wrecker-themed goodies to be had, but here's your chance to get some original art commissioned ahead of Saint Christ's Day.

There are TWO Sketch options available: Headshot or Bust.
Headshots are £35.
Busts are £60.

To request one, just add a comment below, use the hashtags #HEAD or #BUST to denote what you'd like, and I'll do my damnedest to get it done!

I like drawing robots, but I enjoy drawing a crowd even more, so regardless of buying stuff from my sorry ass, pop along to Travelling Man on December 17th at 2pm to meet three men who couldn't be more pleased with themselves.



Peter Tran said...

Hiya Nick! I'd love to get a #HEAD commission for the day of Prowl (in his "Sins of the Wreckers" look) sporting an Autobot eyepatch over his missing eye. Whether he's thrilled/bothered by it is entirely up to you :). Looking forward to meeting everyone next weekend in Manchester. Thanks very much!


Stuart Webb said...


Good morning Sir,

I would like to request a bust of MTMTE/LL Chromedome reading the issue of the Guardian with the piece about him and Rewind in it (ideally with an inaccurate but context providing faux cover headline about the story), a befuddled look on his face as he makes the fourth wall breaking realisation he's a fictional character in a comic.

(If I'm mentally picturing the dimensions of a bust wrong and fitting a paper in would be too difficult, simply Chromdome generating an air of Guardian readership will be grand).

Looking forward to seeing The Three Kings next week,

All the best,


Abby Ryder said...


Heya lovely! Would it be okay to get a headsketch of my Gumbo? He's just got a bucket for a head, easy peasy! :) I can shoot you a reference later!

Paul Snowball said...


Been agonising over who to get but can I have MTMTE/LL Rodimus please?
I'll keep my fingers crossed over meeting you again in future to get a Deaths Head :-)


Luke Rayson said...


Hi Nick,

I'd like to request a bust of Last Stand of the Wreckers Overlord looking particularly villainous, perhaps on his throne? Really looking forward to meeting you and the others next weekend.



Marian Hilditch said...

Hi Nick

Please can I have a #BUST of Tarn holding his mask in one hand. So basically a bust of he-who-cannot-be-named in case someone hasn't caught up yet.

Thanks! Marian

Sprite Anansi said...

Hi Nick,

Sprite here - I won't be at the Manchester signing, but can I request a #bust of Nickel and have a friend pick it up for me? Thankies!

Richard Atherton said...

Hello Nick, can I please have a #head of Kup with his cigar in his mouth whilst snarling (or maybe grinning ominously)?

Richard Atherton said...

I'd also greatly appreciate if you could write "To Ric" on it as well, as that's my name and it is for me.
Thanks again!!