Sunday, June 4, 2017


Ah, screw it, let's see how we get on with some full-figure commissions for Oh, Canada!


Here's how to get one!

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.

* For Combiners/Gestalts, please add $50 CAD due to fiddliness!
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!

* Payment must be at TFCon, not in advance.
* I will only be able to accept CASH at TFCon Chicago, no cards. I * You can Paypal me AT the show if you can show me your digital receipt for the transaction.
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* Seriously, this happens a LOT. It's not cool, and I will name and shame offenders!


Bryndís Vigfúsdóttir said...

Yo, looking for one of these!

The name's Bryndís Vigfúsdóttir, and the character is going to be the Gobot Small Foot! Looking for an action-y thing. As for pickup, I would want to collect it on Saturday, though I'll be there Fri-Sun.

Jessica Silvia said...

Hello Nick!!! I would REALLY love a torso of KUP, a content Kup, with a flower crown!!! (or not im happy with just a content Kup)

THANK YOU so much for this chance!

Im Jessica Silvia, And The print can be picked up on ANY days.

Anton-Marie said...

Hey, Nick! I'm interested in a full figure movie Lockdown. If movie bots aren't your thing, IDW Lockdown is fine too. My name is Anton and I will be around the whole weekend for pick up. Thank you in advance!

Matthew Skurich said...

Hello Nick!
I would really like a full body/figure of IDW/MTMTE/SOTW style Fort Max with some big guns! My name is Matthew S. and I'll be at TFCon on Saturday for pick up---thank you so much Nick!!!!

Katherine Odanaka said...

Hi Nick!
My name is Katherine O. and I am interested in a full body TF Prime Soundwave. If Prime isn't your thing G1 Soundwave is great too. I will be at the convention all weekend for pick up. Thank you so much!

sewing stars said...

Teresa. Prowl eating donuts and enjoying a hot energon drink.

I'm so happy I'll get to see you again at TFCon!!

M. Azim Venkataya said...

Hey Mr. Grim-reaper of autobots... err.. Nick.
Its Azim Venksta, you may have heard of me somewhere. I'd like to get a Mega Empress (from the Takara Unite Warrior Megatronia set) piece, doesn't have to be full body, up to the knees is fine. I'm at TFcon until Monday morning, so I can pickup any time. :D

Nick said...

Thanks for all these guys!

@Jessica: Just checking: you've asked for a TORSO of Kup, but you've requested it in the FULL FIGURE section. Full-figs are 150, and torsos 100, so just making sure you're not mixed up and asking in the right place!


Jessica Silvia said...

@nick Yes Im sure of the fully body!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

My name is Chris Villing.

I'd like to get G1 Devastator in full figure. If possible an action pose would be great!

If possible I would love to pick up at Tfcon on Saturday.

What size are the full figures done in?