Tuesday, May 15, 2018



Thanks to the beautiful Johan Bostrom and his tireless team, I'm making my return trip back to RETCON on June 2nd in Helsingborg, Sweden!

NOW THEN: After the disastrous service by Norwegian Airlines left me without any stock last year, I'll be bringing all my goodies (or most of 'em) as carry-on luggage. So that's art equipment, finished commissions and clean underwear, all guaranteed to be at the show. I can't thank last year's attendee's enough for their patience last year in the absence of any art (or thank Thomas Sjöström enough for the dig-out with spare paper and pens!)

The BIG NEWS for RETCON 2018 is the publication of WRECKERS SISTA STRID - Swedinsg language translation of Last Stand Of The Wreckers by me and James Roberts. Johan Bostrom has puled this sucker together and did all the translation work (I'm not sure what "Clutch-munching piston-licker" works out as in Swedish) and made it a must-have by including SPOTIGHT-KUP and 'EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE' from All Hail Megatron 15. There's never been an edition like this (and probably never will be again, in English or otherwise), so be sure to grab a copy from them, and have me and James scrawl across it, flouting its value and flaunting our disrespect before your very eyes.

Anyway, who wants some art?

I'll be bringing prints and pages to flog, but I'm also taking on a commission list. Sign up below if you'd like a TORSO SKETCH of the character of your choice. Here are the deets!

Pre-Order Price for an A4 Black & White TORSO ONLY shot is SEK 675; add SEK 325 for ONE additional character

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below,
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want.
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!

And there's no obligation to buy anything from me, obviously. Just pop along to my table for a chat!

See you there, Sweden!


Gustaf Segerhammar said...
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Gustaf Segerhammar said...
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Gustaf Segerhammar said...

Gustaf Segerhammar, Generation 1 Soundwave add Windblade

PtrThrsb said...

Hi Nick! You drew Primus for my son Victor last year, so I figure a torso-pic of Unicron is the most logical follow-up. Feel free to apply any artistical twist to it. Safe trip, and may the gods of luggage-handling smile down upon thee! And looking forward to see you again. /Peter Thorsby

PerGus said...

Hello Nick
I'd like a drawing of Fortress Maximus, in G1 style with his little buddy Cog sitting on his shoulder.
Great to hear you returned to Retcon, hope you luggage makes it this time

/Per Gustafsson

Johan Boström said...

Thanks for coming back to Sweden, Nick!

I would lika a First Aid. MTMTE, G1 or a fusion - up to you.

/Johan Boström

Anders Holmene Brueland said...

Hi Nick!

So awesome that you’re attending RetCon again! The artwork last year was perfect!
This time I’d like a artwork of MTMTE Chromedome and Rewind in a classic photobooth style. The rest is up to you, I bet they have just been at a party at Swerve’s Bar.

Good luck with the luggage and safe trip!

Anders Holmene Brueland

Tformer said...

Hi Nick!

I'm a bit late to the party, so feel free to disregard this if you won't have time to finish it. But I'd love a Beast Wars Injector torso shot to go with the one Thomas drew for me last year. The more crazy and monstrous the better!

Safe travels!

/Dennis Elisson