Monday, June 11, 2018


I'm coming back to the scene of the crime, if that crime was to have loads of fun and meet cool people, which I suppose it is nowadays, isn't it? Thanks Tony Blair.

TFCON TORONTO 2018! July 13th to July 15th! I'm bringing my whole nonsense with me: NEW Art prints, plus all the classics! ORIGINAL artwork and covers for sale! (Any requests?) And TONS of freshly commissioned artwork, JUST for you! Details are below about how you can get your very own slice of Nick Roche art in what may be my final victory lap as a Transformers creator. Ulp!


Pre-Order Price for an A4 Black & White TORSO ONLY shot is $120 CAD; add $60 CAD for ONE additional character

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!

* Payment must be at TFCon, not in advance.
* I will only be able to accept CASH at TFCon Chicago, no cards. I * You can Paypal me AT the show if you can show me your digital receipt for the transaction.
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* Seriously, this happens a LOT. It's not cool, and I will name and shame offenders!


Fransoun said...
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Anton said...

Hi, Nick!

Was interested in IDW Lockdown looking pleased with himself over a victory/successful bounty hunt.

I will be at the show all weekend for pick up. Thank you!


Brenna Baines said...

Hi Nick! I'm Brenna, and I'd love a drawing of Beast Wars Dinobot. If he had a sharp toothed, victorious grin in this sketch that would be awesome too!! I'll be around the whole weekend and would probably pick this up Saturday. Thanks so much!

Fransoun said...
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nick.hogg said...

I'm Nick Hogg, and I would like a Ultra Magnus . My idea is I'd like to have him looking stern with maybe a bit of you should get back to work look maybe pointing, I plan to put this up in my office. I'm there both days at TFCon Toronto so I'm flexible and either days works for me. Let me know if you need anything else. And sorry I posted in the head shot comment at first because it's early morning and I cannot read before coffee.

Fransoun said...

My name is Audrey D., and I was wondering if I could commission MTMTE Rodimus and Ultra Magnus kissing? (If you're not comfortable with that, please let me know, and I'll happily toss something else at you!) I'll be at the convention Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I really do hope we'll see you at TFCon (and in Transformers) in the future.

Austen Payne said...

My name is Austen Payne, and I'd like Tarantuals! I'd love it if he could be attempting to eat an ice cream or Popsicle with his big gross mandibles!
I'll be at TFCon all weekend so I can pick it up any time!

Thank you!

Siv said...

Hi Nick! My name is Sivan (@sprung4springer on twitter), and I was hoping to commission IDW Springer and Verity having fun together in the Alaskan summer. My idea involved a tire swing (after all, what better way to set one up than to use the help of your robot friend taller than most trees), but the details are up to you!
I mentioned this to you over on twitter, but I'm not going to be there in person at Toronto. However, my friend Jam will be at the convention and able to pick it up in my stead on Saturday.
Thank you so much, and I hope to see you at a convention sometime in the future!

jupe s said...

Hey Nick, I'm Jupiter, and I would like to commision you for IDW Perceptor and Brainstorm kissing, namely with Percy dramatically dip kissing a maskless and surprised Brainstorm. It is a birthday present (from me, to me) and I can pick up either saturday or sunday at the convention. Thanks so much, and I look forward to meeting you in person!

Casey said...

Hi Nick!

My name's Casey and I was wondering if I could get Rodimus giving finger guns while winking? I'll be able to pick it up either Saturday or Sunday so whatever works best for you! Thank you so much!

Chey C said...

Hey Nick! It's nice to see that you're coming back to Canada again. My name is Cheyanne and I would like a commission of Tarantulas giving Prowl a hug. I will be at TFCon on the Saturday. See you there!

Phil said...

Hey Nick! One regret from my Tfcon last year was not getting a commission from you. So glad, opportunity has come around again! My oddball request; looking for (without the boxing gloves and ring) this pose from Rocky only with Impactor and Overlord. - Looking forward to seeing you; Phil Lewis

Isaac said...

Hey there! I'm Isaac. If you could, I was hoping for a commission of Prowl and Tarantulas, as flirtatious and mutual (or one-sided!) as you'd like! Like Sivan, I won't be at Toronto myself, but my pal Jam will be able to pick it up for me on Saturday. Thanks a bunch, and I hope to meet you in person sometime at a later con!

Katherine Bernstein said...

Hey, Nick! Great to see you back again!

My name is Katie B. (friends call me ‘goosey). If possible, I would love a torso shot of IDW/MTMTE Tailgate flexing with him saying something hokey like ‘who ordered tickets to the gun show?’ (Not necessary of course!)

I’ll be at TFCon all weekend: totally flexible on time/day of pick-up! :)

Many thanks!

Phil said...

Second thought - can I have this same concept but instead using hot rod and getaway ?

Phil said...

Second thought - can I get this same concept but instead with hot rod and getaway

Nick said...

Hey guys! Nick here! Thanks for all the requests so far. I'm delighted to be able to this for you guys. Just popping in to address some queries!

@FRANSOUN: Hey! Do you mind if I don't get into the robots kissing stuff? It probably paints me as a hate-filled prude with no love in his heart, but it's not something I'm really into drawing with these guys. Happy to do something else fun. You can answer here or on twitter. THANK YOU.

@JUPE S: The same I'm afraid. I know. What a joyless husk I am. (Plus, the physical interaction you asked is not easy to pull off for two torso shots: If one's dipped, we're into leg territory right there!) Do you wanna come up with an alternative idea? I could have Brainstorm hanging upside down making goo-goo eyes at Perceptor as he works maybe?

@SIV: Hey! This is a lovely idea, and I'll do what I can, but the problem with a torso shot, is that you're not going to get much of an idea what the characters are sitting on if the image doesn't go beneath the waist. Its more figure (and additional background detail) than the category of sketch calls for. I'm absolutely up for doing it, but I'm just being fair and letting you know where the image will begin and end.

I hope that's ok? Sorry if I'm a curmudgeon with some of this stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!


Fransoun said...

Hey, Nick! That's not a problem at all! It's definitely not for everyone, and I love you and your work - I'd never want to ask you to draw something you weren't comfortable with. I'm going to bop over to the full body commission post for my new request!

jupe s said...

Hey Nick, Jupiter again, no prob bob! I like the idea of Brainstorm being upside down, if there’s any way you can give the picture a definite reciprocated ‘more than friends slash weird coworkers’ I’m down with it. Go wild. Thank you again, I very much appreciate it!

Siv said...

Hi Nick! Thanks for letting me know; do you think that this idea would work better as a full body?

Nick said...

Hey Siv! I'm not trying to up-sell you! :) It's your call. If you can think of a nice composition that just spans the bots torso, I'd love to take a crack at it, but otherwise I'm either drawing it chopped off at the waist, and trying to make it work (and maybe I can!), or I'm veering into full-fig territory. No rush on a solution, just wanted to float it with you.

Siv said...

Hi Nick! I thought it over, and I think I'm willing to jump over to full-fig instead, if you're willing! :D Should I repost my original comment over on the other post?

Nick said...

Yes please, it really helps me. AND THANK YOU!