Tuesday, July 24, 2018




As am I, my friend.

17th-19th August at the Hilton Metropole. The days between TFNations are is merely the UnTime. What matters is what happens in a well-appointed midlands conference-centric hotel just once a year.

I'll be there, and I'll have original art from Lost Light Covers, More Than Meets The Eye Pages and maybe, if I can be pushed, even Wreckers pages to sell. I'll also have the more affordable prints, this year featuring Lost Light, Wreckers Saga, a Verity Carlo/IDW 2005-2018 retrospective poster, and a few more surprises.

And there are these! Original, bespoke sketches crafted lovingly for YOU. Here's how you can get hold of the good stuff:

B&W FULL SINGLE FIGURE: £120 EACH;  Add £50 for ONE Additional Character

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.
* For Combiners/Gestalts, please add £30 per character due to fiddliness!
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!
* I will only be able to accept CASH at TFNation, no cards. 
* You can Paypal me AT the show if you can show me your digital receipt for the transaction.
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* Seriously, this happens a LOT. It's not cool, and I will name and shame offenders!


Robin Hunt said...

Cool - been waiting for this. It’s Robin Hunt - I would like a sketch cover drawing of Cyclonus onboard the Lost Light mirroring Tailgate’s issue 17 RI cover (so I can potentially display together) on a MTMTE book (that i’ll send you). I’m at TF Nation from Friday lunchtime till about 5pm Sunday. Cheers

Robin Hunt said...

Am I allowed a 2nd commission? If so it’s Robin Hunt - at TF Nation all weekend. Could I please have full figure of Overlord in all his menacing glory on a sketch cover (which I’m happy to send). Please can he have his huge blaster in one hand and maybe a head or Springers face in the other? Your choice. Cheers

Robin Hunt said...

Hi Robin again. Ok final/3rd (totally understand if you can’t do them all & ive listed them in importance) would be a prequel to your cover for MTMTE 54. Last year you did a follow up with Deathsaurus eating Drift after his heroic jump but what I’d like this year is the step before your cover. Drift in car mode (Generations toy which I think was loosely based on Nissan Silvia S15) driving towards cliff edge with Deathsaururs stood on edge facing him but in robot mode (basically split seconds before changing into Alt mode & hovering in your cover). I think you filled an A4 sheet last time (does that sound right cause I can measure it?) so same size would be great. Don’t suppose the originals for that page have reappeared for sale??? Cheers Nick

Robin Hunt said...

Just remembered can his sword be in sight or him cradling it or it on floor I don’t mind? Cheers

Acteon said...

Hi Nick - could I get a Renew Your Vows teenage Spider-Girl? Either chilling on a rooftop or swinging through the city, whichever you’d have the most fun with. I’m at the con until it closes on Sunday. Thanks!

Ross Liversidge

David said...

Hi Nick, David Heslop here. Can I please get a full-body picture of Annie as Spiderling? Preferably swinging through New York. I'll be at TFN all weekend. It'll be a present for my daughter Annie ��

TBurnell said...

Tim Burnell, Hi could I have a full body Impactor please. At the convention all weekend. Thanks. Tim

James Lemoine said...

Hi Nick, Jim Lemoine here. I paid for a commission at TFCon in Toronto, but had to leave the con before it was done. Could you please contact me to discuss how I could receive it?