Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ambassador, With This Roche You Are Spoiling Us

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Twice in one day? Not without a bamboo rod and a bucket of Lucozade. But yet, here we are once more, mon amors. For why? Allow me.

I've had a few requests from folk who get a kick out of seeing the original lineart for comics I've worked on. And as I'm also keen to stoke the Dinobot fire as best I can, I present to you, "Maximum Dinobots #1: Naked!" No lettering or colours, just the inked artwork. Think I've got my photo-album to work so you can peruse the pages individually or as a slideshow. (I'm so digi-dense.) Inform me if it doesn't work. But if it goes smoothly, I'll put up #2 as well, and all the other issues too, once they've stopped appearing on the shelf.

Comments and criticisms welcome, and feel free to ask questions. For now, enjoy:

You've Been Nicked.

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David said...

That Black and White of the Dyno-bots looks awesome.