Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking Commissions!

Blog Commission

So, as promised, I have returned with information as to how you can buy some artwork from me. (Sorry for those of you who had picked out especially-gnarled pinecones to assault me with; I’m here and on time!)

I’ve decided to dip my toes into the world of commissions! I’m working on writing-based projects at the minute, so I feel I need to keep my toes dipped in the drawing world. And as I don’t sell original artwork yet, here’s a great way to pick up something completely original for your wall or dog basket. How? Here’s how.

The initial set-up is this: I’m taking on ten commissions, as that’s all I can be certain of getting around to. So first come, first served. After that, I’m not sure when I’ll get around to doing this thing again, so take the chance while it’s there. The pictures can be of anything you like, so while I’m sure I’ll be handling some Transformers pieces, feel free to ask for some Doctor Who, TMNT, or challenge me with a left-field request!

The prices are as follows:

*1 x A4 (21cm x 29.6cm) inked image featuring one character on Bristol Board @ €80 plus postage

* 1 x A4 (21cm x 29.6cm) inked image featuring two or more characters on Bristol Board @ €100 plus postage

* 1 x A3 (29.6cm x 42cm) inked image featuring one character on Bristol Board @ €125 plus postage

* 1 x A3 (29.6cm x 42cm) inked image featuring two or more characters on Bristol Board @ €160 plus postage

* Complicated Background requests will be extra but negotiable. Sparse locations will be included for no extra cost, and feel free to specify whether you want the figure(s) isolated or not.

* Payment by Paypal before the commission is started.

So contact me at skeetaATgmailDOTcom. (‘@’ and ‘.’ Omitted in order to prevent phishing and spammage. You know what to do to get in touch…) with your requests, and I will furnish you with Paypal details, as well as postage rates to your location.

Also available to buy online are my full colour, heavy stock, A3 Transformers Art Prints.


These are the covers to all four Revelations Spotlights (Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe) as well the variant cover to Transformers Infiltration #1, featuring Starscream, with Thundercracker and Skywarp in jet mode laying waste to a city. All are pencilled, inked and coloured by me. They can be yours for €8 a print (plus postage) or you can grab all five for €35, plus postage. Again, contact me at skeetaATgmailDOTcom and we’ll hammer out the details.

I’ll announce when the commission quota has been filled, as well as when stocks of the prints run out. Thanks for your time, guys!

You’ve Been Nicked.


Clamnut Comix said...

Nice. It'd be good to make that image of the prints enlargeable. It don't get big when I touch it.Now I've set that gag up, do something great with it

Nick said...

I can't actually cause it to grow myself. Gotta splint?

(Okay, not great, Bob, but factually true...)

I don't have access to the source file right now, as I'm at my folks'. As always, you guide me through life with class and pizzazz.

David said...

Thanks for taking commissions, even from those of us across the sea.

Moondog said...

I've got mine booked!

Leslie F. Miller said...

*laughs at the splint gags* *gags* *no, not really*

Goodbye, and good luck.

(My code word was "sadmen," by the way.)

Hero_UK said...

These are awesome, Nick.

Daniel said...

Got me a Hardhead print on the way :)

ashbarron said...

Anyone know if commissions are still available?