Monday, January 25, 2010


I've come back. Let's start straightening this mess out. New Year, New Me, New Posts.

First of all, an update on the commissions and prints situation: Yikes. I believe I mailed most of you last year updating you on my personal circumstances, but if not, mucho sorries. The bottom line is, I'm still up for (and actually looking forward to doing these commissions if you can wait past March. Yes, I realise that's a ridiculous length of time to hang on for a measly robo-drawing or print. So with that, anyone looking for a money-back refundio, holler, and I will also make that so. And everyone who's waiting, wants to wait, or is ready for the refund, gets a free, humble, total and utter apology for the delay. I won't be offering commissions again after this misstep, I fear.

Okay, stick with the blog, kids. It's about to get Wrecked...

You've Been Nicked


Web said...

"everyone who... wants to wait"

I'm going to be deliberately obtuse (or maybe just hopeful...) here- since I don't know the whole story and say I want to wait!

Obviously you're referring to people who've already already commited, but in case you don't stick to "I won't be offering commissions again" in the future --flail your arms and yell about it or something cuz I'm interested.

I always find out about stuff too late! =( (Yeah, including Transformers... what rock was I living under??)

David said...

Any chance of you doing con appearances this year? SDCC in particular.

Nick said...

No planned Cons this year, sadly. And Stateside is least likely of all, I'm afraid. That could change completely! But for now, I'm trying to keep some free space,

Web: Yeah, sorry you missed the boat! It's not a definite 'Never' on the commissions front, but I'd have to be confident of putting them out promptly. I will flail in your general direction if a cast-iron commission window opens up.

And you're never too late for TFs, I hope!

Web said...

@ Nick- thanks, I'll keep an ear open! =)

I'll just have to content myself with Wreckers when it stops being sold out here... guess I shouldn't be complaining! :D

And nah, it's never to late for discovering cool new stuff... even if it does make the stuff from before I was born harder to find... ;)

Oilspill said...

Hey Nick,

When you were offering commissions, you were also selling some prints. I paid for a Hardhead print, but never got anything from you. Tried chasing you up about it a few times at your address, but haven't heard back for a while.

Any chance of either getting a refund or getting that Hardhead print my good man?