Monday, January 25, 2010

Do Ya Wanna Get Wrecked...?


So here it is, the run-up to the brain-flayingly anticipated launch of LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS, my reason for living for the last six months, as well as my reason for almost expiring, and DEFINITELY my reason for not spending time here. But where to start? Hmmm? You wanna win an original sketch of Springer by me?

Course ya do. Then buy a copy of Last Stand of The Wreckers #1 at Forbidden Planet Dublin. Every copy bought enters you into a raffle to win this grey-tone pic of ol' Springybits himself. Poster below:

I'm gonna sneak into the good 'ol FP on delivery day and scrawl a signature on each and every copy, so for signed comics, you know where to go kids! And a big thanks to Kevin and Jay at Forbidden Planet for wrangling this.


The Eclectic Micks are a bunch of Irish comic book artists who run a daily sketchblog. But all this week, the site has been transformed (I wonder if anyone will get that...?) to ECLECTIC WRECKS! Yep, each day, instead of crafting career-enchancing chances to make it big in the comics industry, the boys on the blog are sullying themselves by drawing a Wrecker A DAY! First up is Stephen 'Angel/The A-Team' Mooney with his sweet as a well-meaned love-thrust colour sketch of that Springer guy. Go to for a daily dose of damn fine drawings, and please leave a comment. The guys are going above and beyond drawing these guys for me, so send 'em your love. And tomorrow on the blog, 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey draws Kup. I wonder what possible overlap there could be there...


Done with reading about me talking about Wreckers? Well as of tomorrow evening, The Comic Cast ( will have a podcast available for you, your ears, and whatver other bits of the anatomy you feel I'd fit snugly into. Liam from the CC had a chat with me last week, so come and listen to what I have to say. Followed by buying my comic. Did I say that that's important?

A text interview is also available at the wonderful Transformers Ireland Online site, specifically at Sign up, log in and say hi. It's a very informal and fun place to talk ro-bollocks with like-minded fools.


And I need to take a second to thank the Wrecking Crew: James Roberts, my co-writer and Duocon partner; Josh 'Josh' Burcham, colour ninja and heart of the Wreckers; and John 'Waki' Wycough, ink fiend who's helping out on a very tough gig. And Denton, Andy and Carlos, our editors deserve a mighty mention for pulling this thing together.

So folks, go make Last Stand of The Wreckers a success. We've seen the hype online, and we've listened to what everyone has to say. This is a book for Transformers fans BY Transformers fans. I know that not everyone has stuck around at the IDW party over recent times, but good golly: big, honking robots in a story about a space prison-break? You can surely give this a twirl! This is the rigid filling for your empty holes, Transpeople! It's dark, it's scary, it's funny, it's tragic, and #1 features at least one decapitation!

That not all? God, you're like my mother. Alright then: every issue (bar #2 - oops!) contains EXCLUSIVE supplementary material that will NOT be reprinted in the trade paperback collection - there'll be all-new extra material for that. So for background goodies put together by James, Josh and myself, the monthly Wreckers series is the only place to be.


Theme to 'Last Stand of The Wreckers'. Says everything the characters and creators want to say.



Web said...

Already ready dying for this, all the pimping isn't helping... =P

Wadeboski said...

Hey Nick - I've got this on order now I am back in NZ - will let you know what I think!!!

I'm just dying to own that sketch - shame I am halfway arouind the world now!

Monzo said...

Hiya, Nick! Matt Karpowich/Monzo here, AKA "that guy that had you draw Baron von Joy" (and, ah, "that guy on Onslaught", I suppose). I was going to e-mail, but couldn't find your card anywhere, so, uh - hi!

I guess I'll keep this short? The guys over at the TF wiki were trying to figure out if this was one of your pieces for the Beast Wars Sourcebook.

It's credited to Dan Khanna, but it doesn't really look like his style, and you were the first guess to come up. If you could confirm or deny it, that'd be great.

If you have time, I'd love it if you could drop a line directly sometime - the e-mail address on my business card in the Obscure Omnibus should still work. (I guess you could try e-mailing me through blogger, but I don't know if I have my address set to public or not... confounded blog technology.)

Anyway, thanks for your time, and hope to hear back.


Damien Baumgart said...



Being a UK Marvel TF fan from yonks ago it is awesome to see you incorporate some of the most influential characters of my childhood (even though he got half his face blown off a few issues after I started collecting - it's Australia and getting my hands on the comic was a battle unto itself back in the 80s). This series is shaping up to be epic and mind-blowing and I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for the next issue. Great work dude! It's also good to see you pick up Verity and run with her character after AHM just let her and the others slip by the wayside. Will you be explaining her appearance on Magnus' ship in more depth? Will we see Jimmy at all?

Keep it up!