Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ready to get Wrecked one last time?

TRANSFORMERS: LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS #5 punches your comic shop in the bollocks tomorrow, the 19th of May ( it donkey-punches the rest of the world on Thursday 20th) and it marks the end of a truly phenomenal chunk of my professional life. THANK YOU to all those who picked up each issue, supported it, blogged and posted about it, created fan banners and generally made the world Wreckers Aware. The feedback James, Josh (and the wrest of the Wrecking Crew) have received over the last few months has just been tackle-ticklingly terrific. We realise that not everyone that wanted to managed to get on the Wreckers bus, so for those of you who know that something special happened but just didn't manage to get Wrecked-up, the TPB collection of LSOTW hits in August, and all being well (and the planets at IDW Editorial aligning) we'll give you a jam-packed, exclusive-thronged package filled with the 5 issues, plus a ton of supplementary fun. Servos crossed...

So, to accompany the release of #5, let me link you to an interview I did with Sohaib Awan on his EXCELLENT "Fictional Frontiers" pop culture-based radio show/podcast. It was from a while back, so I think I'm still talking up the coming issues, but there might be some stuff you've not heard. Plus, check out some of the other Fictional Frontiers shows on tap there. There's something for every geek. For me talking Wreckers, click here

Also, by now, The first four issues of Wreckers are available on iTunes with the IDW app. And what's more, I'm told that you can get in on the action with yer PSP too.

here and press the magic buttons that put the comic I made onto your pocket game box, yeah?

So that's it. On behalf of Andy, Denton, Carlos, Chris, Joana, Waki, Andrew, Guido, Josh, James and myself, thanks for taking this series to your fuel pumps. I don't know if anything I work on will be this well-received again, so I'll enjoy the buzz while it lasts. If you want more, drop a line to the Eds at IDW, or send a note to letters@idwpublishing.com, and hopefully James and I will return very soon.

Wreck and Rule.

Last Stand of the Wankers. Photo by Whittle

You've Been Nicked


JayKent said...

Its like an Air album cover or a BBC history documentary with cool presenters to get kids to listen lol either way, historic pic!

The wreckers will be us, always.................. cue music!

David said...

I thought that the Wreckers was an awesome mini series. I look forward to any other Transformers work that you have coming out.

Web said...

That was a great mini-series, I'm a wimp when it comes to characters dying- but I have no regrets here, despite losing some characters I liked! Picked it up today, read it in the parking lot- ending I didn't see coming, and I was very pleased with it! Wish it had gotten extended!!

Hopefully there'll be more of your stuff soon, cuz you guys delivered when it came to Wreckers.

Thanks for doing the unexpected with it, and not pulling any punches! =)

Jimtron said...

Congratulations on a job well done! Work like this makes me go back and look at my own stuff to see what I can do better. Thanks for raising the bar.

Ali said...

This, Stormbringer, Spotlight Kup and Spotlight Shockwave have brought a lot of happy moments. Kudos. Lovely work.

David said...

The last issue was my favourite comic of the week. Sad to see it finish. I'll have to go back and re-read them again.

Matt said...

Tformers Ender here. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesomeness, and share this Sig with my fellow Wreck-heads.


Bisto Yeti said...

Wow. Just read Issue five. Pure awesomesause. You've set a pretty high bench mark for future Transformers Series.

So what's next? Personaly I want to see "The Mayhem Attack Squad strikes back." A kick ass blend of "The Eagle has Landed" and "the Matrix quest"

But yeah thanks again for a cracking good read.

Mike said...

Till next time, Nick, James.

And there MUST be a next time.

Rob A Billington said...

How's it goin nick? paulie put me on to your blog.. glad to see you're killing stuff on the transformers front!! always good to see a fellow wex man do well.

Stephen Mooney said...

.....that photo is fucking priceless.

sarsam said...

Do you sell artwork

Coffee Catholic said...

Ooops. May 18 was your last post here so who knows if you'll see this:

I could only buy the LSOTW trade and it *just* made it to me here on our rock in Scotland after eons of waiting.

I have no idea how to compact my comment into something short and to the point so I'll just squee: I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!!

I'll wax poetic on DA and spare you my blithering.

Speaking of DA! Have you a Deviant Art account by any chance? It's great to see the other Tformer artists' work there.

Thank you for providing the email for IDW. I've written them asking for you and James Roberts to be teamed up again because the pair of you make an incredible team. The art, the writing ~ and all of it was so perfectly glued together by that backstory "Bullets" at the end of the Trade. Brilliant!

("Bullets" made me cry in frustration. I'm trying to write a Transformers novel and after reading Mr. Robert's work I was like, shoot. I'll never be that good. Why am I doing this?? lol)

~Michelle Therese
("Sheep Slave" on IDW/DA)

Joey Santana said...

Hey Nick, I'm a big fan of LSOTW mini series and specially your Overlord version.

I liked it so much that I made this custom toy:

Just hope you guys have future cameos/plots for Overlord again because he rocks!

Keep it up with the excellent work!

Joey Santana