Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been a fan of the separate and combined talents of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for about twenty-three years now. So it was another lifetime highpoint to get to work with them on the upcoming TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION, due out next week (January 26/27) from all discerning stockists. The book's as fun as you'd hope, and more in-continuity than fans may have imagined.

As a little nod to the D and the A, I lashed together a shot of some of their individual and joint successes; Nova and Rocket Raccoon from their cosmic Marvel stint, and Death's Head II, the Abnett-helmed character I drew more as a teenager than any other. It was almost as fun as working on Infestation.

You've Been Nicked


Mansloth said...

Fookin love Death's Head II. Great picture.

stprime said...

hey nick,

i really enjoy your work. i was told this was your work and i'm trying to verify, by chance is it yours?

sorry that it's off topic but i didn't know any other way to ask.


Rory said...

Lulz- this is probably the most irregularly updated blog in the sphere Nick XD

Nick said...

Shush Rory! :)

StPrime: yep, that's all me. Done as a competition prize for the Metronome Masterforce DVD release, I believe.

Thanks all!