Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey you! Do you remember me? I used to sit next to you at school...

Yes, yes, jokes (and serious points) a-plenty to be made about my lack of online presence. Seriously, if I was here more often, you'd tire of me. As it is, I'm like a beloved drunken uncle, pinwheeling his way through your house for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve, bringing joy to all I encounter, without lingering long enough that you realise what a sad and hollow figure I truly cut...

It's obvious that I want something, isn't it? well, sometimes, what I want and what you - Timothy Smythe-Public - want are the same thing. So let's deal.

This Friday, I attend Auto-Assembly 2011, Europe's biggest Transformers convention. (Check it out here, hit's quite the larf: www.autoassembly.org.uk/) Apart from interviewing my childhood idols, Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, in a 25th anniversary retrospective on seminal robo-epic, Target:2006, and facing off against David Kaye (Beast Wars Megatron) and Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock) in a voice-acting battle of halfwits, I'll also be signing and sketching all weekend. And flogging two brand-honking-new 'Last Stand of the Wreckers' themed art prints. Check 'em out below:

Tasty, huh? Coloured by the multi-hued and semi-skilled Josh Burcham. It's a true Wrecker Wreunion, and you can pick these bad boys up (A3, 160 gsm) for ten British pounds per print. I've been asked quite a bit if I'll make these available to buy online afterwards. The answer is: Highly Unlikely. I'm just not very good for staying on top of practical matters like that, so if anyone wants one, ask a friendly AA-Attendee to grab one for ya. My earlier prints (The Revelations Covers, and the Starscream And The City one) are also available at a reduced rate this year too.

What else? Well, I recently wrote and illustrated a How to Draw Transformers: Prime book for IDW/Scholastic. this book - weirdly - is NOT available in the shops! You can only get it through eductaional publisher Scholastic for your school. But I'll have limited copies available for sale this weekend too. Here's a sampler of the art:

Yep, all your favourite Prime characters drawn in my easily-imitable style. Hopefully the book helps in breaking down the pretty complex CG character models into something a little more drawable. Buy one and find out! Seriously, these books are rare.

Rarer still is original TF comic artwork by Nick Roche for sale. Not this weekend! For the serious collectors (and for the silly ones with too much coinage) pages from Transformers Ongoing #13, and Transformers: Infestation #1 & #2 will be up for sale. They're pricey, around the £100-£150 mark, with some pages a little under, and others a bit over. Covers are around the £200+region. They're big buys, and I don't like letting them go very often, but I know some people like a bit of warning that these things are available. So they can skip lunch and buy one I suppose.

That's about it! Come along and say hi! Can't wait to sketch, sign and sob my weekend away! Till All Are Brum!

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Peaugh said...

Sorry I couldn't make it across the pond for AA, but my friend Simon got a print signed for me. Sadly missed out on the book though. He did pass along your message. So glad you like the videos! Very flattered, as I'm a huge fan of your work. Can't wait for your upcoming run on Transformers!


David said...

Is there anyway to buy Transformer pages over the internet?

hi said...

Did you have any pages left?

LastRaven said...

If you have any pages left, please let me know! I'm interested, but across the pond.

Cassidy said...

Having acquired "How to Draw Transformers Prime" from ebay, I wanted to ask why Knockout wasn't included in the book. If you can't answer this question due to contract obligations or some such though, I understand. Thank you for all your hard work.

Nick said...

Hey Cassidy!

Sorry for the long time between question and answer. Tis the way of things here, I'm afraid.

To address your query, I was given a list of Autobots and Decepticons to use by Hasbro/IDW and unfortunately, the estimable Knockout wasn't on the list. Sorry boss! Sure would be fun to draw though.