Thursday, July 3, 2014


That time already, huh?

We fast approach one of my favouritest times of year - somewhere between bath night and drain-cleaning weekend - Auto Assembly! Birmingham's best August-held Transformers Convention! It's on 8th - 10th August and just keeps getting bigger and better every year. Full details of the show are at, but you'll not find any other convention with such fan-to-guest interaction. (Whether you want the guests to interact with you or not.)

This year, I'm trying to get the jump on my sketch list. Today, I'm only offering a list for bust/head & shoulders sketches, but I'll be firing up a shorter list for full-figure pieces nearer the time. (As well as unveiling my new prints.)

So, if you fancy picking up some artwork from me (and there are samples below the text as to what you can expect for your buck) here's what you need to know:

Pre-Order Price for an A4 Black & White HEAD/SHOULDERS shot (20 available) is £20

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below,
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* The numbers available are as stated above. Once they've been filled, please don't send any more requests unless further slots become available.
* I will be providing more sketches AT Auto-Assembly. I tend to get booked up VERY quickly there, but if you don't want to commission me here and now, you could take your chance at the show.

Right, I'm off for a cuppa. I'm ready to lay into your commissions once the last drop of t has been swilled, so hit me up!



phoebe lp said...

Overlord, licking the top of a bloody chainsaw, please? For Alice C. I'll be at AA the whole weekend!

Olivia Northrop said...

Can I have a MTMTE Megatron sketch whose woken up to find he's been graffitied on his head by Rodimus (graffiti can be anything, like "Rodimus rules" or whatever, something funny!) my name is Olivia Northrop! I'm at AA all weekend!

S.D. M said...
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Drift said...

Would like a g1 Grimlock please, my names Sam Bullock and will be there the whole weekend. Thanks!

S.D. M said...

Megatron from his gladiator days, all scuffed up and bleeding please? for Daniel C. I'll be at AA all weekend!

Abby Ryder said...

Smug Starscream please, for Abby Ryder. :) See you there dude!

DarkestHour17 said...

Hi Nick, please can I book a sketch of Sideswipe. I shall be there all weekend.


Lisa (@DarkestH0ur17)

Drift said...

Can I have the sword in my shot along with him if anything please :). And bot mode obviously :)

monolono lara said...
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Stuart said...

Please could I get a Swoop in dinosaur mode please, will be there on the Sunday only.

Cheers, Stuart.

Celyran said...

Fort Max in a pinup pose please, for the Greysider!! :D I'll be there all weekend! Thank you so much! :3

Uniformshark said...

Hi Uniformshark here (Monika) maybe you remember me from last year ;u; I still would love a slightly beaten up Starscream from you. Im there all weekend!

Hopper L said...

Can I have G1 Hot Rod all happy and smiling a big ole smile :D my name is Maria Vittoria S. and I'll be at AA all weekend

Matthew Rudge said...

Hi Nick!

I'd love an RiD Scourge please, i.e. the evil Optimus clone from the RiD cartoon.

My name's Owain Rudge and I'll be at AA the whole weekend from Friday so can pick up whenever is best for you.


Fort Max said...

Hi Nick,

My name is Mark Davis (around all weekend), saw the amazing deathsauraus pic you did for my mate last year.
Could I please have a disembodied G1 Fort Max head looking all enraged at someone half inching the rest of him?

Many thanks!

Mark D

Ada S said...

Smiling Rung, please! :) I'll be there all weekend, Ada S

Hatano Mayu said...

Hi Nick! My name is Mayu. I'll be there all weekend! G1 Prowl please :)

Uniformshark said...

I figured that if it's possible and as long there are slots free I also would like to order one for my friend Megan she loves your art to bits and is especially fond of your Rodimus design. So I would ask for a happy cheerful Rodimus. (She has bday on the 10th August so that be the perfect gift for her that i could manage to obtain!C:)
Regards Monika

Templephoenix said...

Hi Nick!

Temple here - Kup, please! Kuuuuuup!

I'll be around the whole of AA, so any day.

Matthew Rudge said...

Hi Nick,

Owain again, don't know if asking for two is a no-no, but I'd love for you to try Fire Dagwon if possible. I remember us talking about Brave last year, and it's one of my favourite designs. Regular Fire or Super Fire would be awesome, I'd leave that up to which one you think you could have more fun with.

Again, I'd be at the con Friday through to Monday.


Vanessa Sutherland said...

Don't know if I'm too late or not, (since some comments have been deleted?) but if not, could I get a sketch of RiD Metalhawk? Name's Vanessa, and I'll be there all Saturday and most of Sunday. Thanks if you can slot me in!

Michele I. said...

Could I get a sketch of Shockwave looking especially cute? For Michele I. and I’ll be there all weekend. Thank you!

Jasmine Smith said...

Well, if my basic math EQ is worth a damn, I see 19 requests thus far, so here's hoping this is in time for 20!

Okay to ask for an extra creepy looking TF:Prime Soundwave? =D Loved your how to draw book for him~

Name's Jasmine, who will NOT be at AA, but ordering for Fox who WILL most definitely be there all weekend, lol, and will slip the money under the table to you!

depressedagainuk said...

Hi nick my names steve weeks and we met at demon con in maidstone earlier this year.
Would you still be able to do me the full figure sketch of ultra magnus?
You asked me to remind you closer to the time.

Much appreciated steve

stewart jarvis said...

Hi Nick my name is Stewar Jarvis we met at Demoncon in February you draw me that fantastic Starscream. Anyway any chance for a drawing G1 Tracks at Auto Assembly please thanks very much!

stewart jarvis said...

I'mI around for the whole weekend!

stewart jarvis said...

Hi again my brother Mark Jarvis is wondering if he can request a drawing of Brainstorm he too is around all weekend as well thanks again!

thejuice84 said...

Damn, too slow again this year. I'll get you next time, Roche! ;)

Thomas Malin said...

Nick will you be doing cover sketches at the show?
If so could i get a Sketch on a more than meets the eye cover, i have the cover i could bring.

was thinking SIXSHOT - my name is Tom Malin and i will be around the hole weekend as i am working with Sid Bekett and Nick Callaway