Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A beintot, mons pillocks! It is I, with tales of how and where to witness me. What's that? You are unenticed by such possibilities? Well swivel on it - I have an ace up my skinny-fitted sleeve, and that bi-valued card is SIMON FURMAN! Yes, he (Simon) and I (Nick) are making an appearance at a Dublin Transformers Convention this Saturday 27th October. It's called Mini-Con, and it's hosted by the actually-genuinely-not internet hyperbole-these guys are the real deal - Fantesticles Dublin City Comics!

Simon is signing and dropping RG#1 hints per pint bought all day from 12pm, while I'll be sketching my life away, selling full colour art prints (Including the Josh Burcham-coloured MTMTE print that sold like an ex-reality star on a street corner at this year's Auto Assembly) and original artwork and covers from More Than Meets The Eye. The original artwork will all be selling at around and above €150, but come early and get on the sketch list, and I'll whip you up something for €10. Prints are also €10 each, so there are plenty of affordable options for those who want to pick something relatively unique

Simon and I are also gonna talk you all through the making of our first professional team-up together, Spotlight: Shockwave, in a powerpoint presentation showing you the stages from script to scribbles. That should be at 3pm in the shop's fabled Geekeasy section.

Check Dublin City Comics' Facebook Page and their dedicated Mini-Con Listing Listing for more details, as they'll have any last minute info that may crop up. The reasons for shuffling your corporeal assamblages down to the shop this weekend are infinite, but as well as basking in the glow of Simon's charm and chumminess, or finagling details from me about who I'm putting in the spotlight in 2013, there will also be very special, once in a quarter-of-a-century prizes dispensed throughout the day. We can't say anything yet, but let's just say that if you get lucky, 'you'll have better things to do that night than die...'

I love DCC, I love these events, I love Simon F and I love YOU. So I can't wait for this Saturday afternoon. Bring a friend, and come hang out with us all. (And, y'know, buy some comics and toys.)