Thursday, February 7, 2013


Simple as that folks! First off, thanks so much for jumping on the sketch list and coming out and saying hi at the Dublin signings for SPOTLIGHT MEGATRON. Hugely positive feedback so far, and it's massively appreciated. I love doing those signings and getting to talk rot with friends old and new. Special thanks go to Kev & Jay at Forbidden Planet Dublin and Jay, Doc & Christy at Dublin City Comics & Collectibles for looking after me. And if you haven't bout the Megatron book yet, why not give it a spin now? It asks the big question about Megatron's relationship with Starscream, and offers some big answers to go along with it. Plus: Space dogfight.

So, I'm gonna be at the London Super Comic Con on February 23rd & 24th. I'l let you know where exactly near to the time, but it will be very close to Liam Shalloo. Anyway, I'm doing a sketch list for anyone coming to the show. If you want a head &shoulders shot like Shattered Glass Rodimus and Prowl above, that'll be £15 per sketch (one per customer) and for a full-figure image, a la Springer and Impactor up there, that'll be £70. Sketches are fully-inked and shaded, and are A4 in size.

I'm taking up to 15 slots for the Head Shots, and a maximum of for the Full-Figures. Either way, I'm going to cap the list at midnight Irish-time on Thursday 14th of February. So get your orders in on the comments list below - Your name, Character name, and day your available to collect your picture (Saturday; Sunday; No Preference) and it's first up, best-dressed, so hurry! Also, PLEASE only request a sketch if you're going to be there. It's a bummer to work on an image only for the person the pic is meant for not to show up to pick it up.

These are a lot of fun to do, and even more fun to hand over in person to see the gratitude/apathy/horror on the recipient's face. So go for it...NOW!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey gang!

Just wanted to set up the sketch list here for the Spotlight Megatron signing this Wednesday, February 6th in Forbidden Planet and Dublin City Comics & Collectibles.

Basically I'm taking names here for sketches I can work on in advance and present to you on the day. It'll be inked (with added grey shading) HEADSHOTS ONLY at €10 each. Above are examples of what to expect.

I'm gonna be taking on 20 advance sketches altogether. So it's first come, first served here. Reply in the comments section with the name of the character you'd like (doesn't have to be Megatron, or even a Transformer!), the shop you'll be popping along to, and an applicable real-life identity for yourself so I can ascertain who the eff you are. PLEASE only sign up for a sketch if you're coming along to the shop. Any uncollected sketches on the day will be flogged off to the nearest rube. And obviously, no cash, no sketch, no hat, no swim.

When the 20 is filled up, that'll be it! I'll be handling a TINY number of sketches in-store, so pop along and get on that list, but because the day is so hectic, I wanted to get these up and running first.

So set me to task, gang! GO!