Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow, I seemed to remember all my social media log-in details this week, huh...?

Guys, the lovely specimens that run Forbidden Planet Dublin and Dublin City Comics & Collectibles (yup, them again) have decided to host a split signing session for what promises to be the best Transformers Spotlight that month, SPOTLIGHT MEGATRON! It's writted and drawed by me (and coloured by fellow Eclectic Mick, LEN O' GRADY), a rare enough confluence of happenings to make this worthwhile hootin' & hollerin' over. I'll be at FP on Crampton Quay at 1pm till 3pm, and heading over to Bolton Street to DCCC for a 4-til-finish jaunt. (And that means that everyone can head out to Big Bang Comics in Dundrum at 6pm for Will Sliney's FEARLESS DEFENDERS launch party. Wotta day!) I'm signing primarily, but get there early to climb aboard what should be a swiftly-filled and limited sketch list.

What can I say about the issue itself? Well, not much. It's very self-contained, so it's a good oneshot for those unversed with IDW's current AMAZING Transformers output. It's set a few years in the past and focuses on Megaton's restoration as ruler of the Decepticons...but is there anything left to rule? It's 22 pages of bad guys being bad, and boy, are villains fun to write. And draw. Other spoilers? Hmm...Aerial combat. That's yer lot.

So please go to the links below for the respective shops. And for those who can't make it to the Dublin signings, please let your comic supplier know how much you want this sucker. As I say, it's a rare writer's credit for me, so it'd really help to show your support to the retailers and the publishers. Hopefully I'll be around for more conventions and signings throughout the year. I'll definitely be at London Super Comic Con, so more about that soon.

Oh and I'm on Twitter, for now. We'll see how long my interest is maintained there. Do keep me accountable, won't you? Go to; I'm @NickRoche, which is handy.

See you on the 6th!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013