Friday, October 4, 2013

NYCC 2013 And the Non-Attendance Of Nick Roche

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, I won't be doing much sleeping anywhere in the forseeable future. But hey...

So, I regretfully inform you that I will NOT be attending  the New York Comic Convention next weekend. Yeah. I KNOW. Don't even...DON'T! I'm gutted. It's not been an easy decision (Rarely does one buy flights, pay for a table, secure accommodation and then pronounce, "Nah, don't fancy it.") but it's one that has been made for ultimately good - great, even - reasons.

Nick Roche's sadface, yesterday.
Some of you may be aware that last weekend at the incredible DICE convention here in Dublin, it was revealed that I am to take on my first work for a little company you and I like to refer to as Marvel Comics. Not only that, but the gig is working on an iteration of one one of my favourite characters in all of fiction, and one I had a huge connection to (visually, at least) during my teen years. I'm to be the artist on a Death's Head II one-shot, tentatively scheduled for release in February 2014. Yeah, I know! A dream gig and a company I've always wanted to work with. I'm a lucky sod. But it does mean that my workload has increased somewhat. So, in order to the best job I can - and not just on this project, but on another, equally exciting, all-new concoction already in production - I've had to step back and remain tethered to my drawing board.

I was so looking forward to my trip to the States, and not just because there are no cats there, and the streets are paved with cheese (important to me due to my allergies, and lactose-dependency). Hopefully, I can make it out sometime in 2014. And hopefully you'll come see me too.

For those who had pre-ordered commissions, and would still like them completed and mailed out, please contact me at and we can sort something out. I'm so sorry I
won't get to meet you all in person. My erstwhile tablemate Andrew Griffith will still be doing some amazing sketches and some equally impressive signatures at table CC3 at Artist's Alley. He'll be the impractically handsome one with twice the legroom he was expecting.

Massive apologies then, folks. Hopefully the pay-off will be the cracking comics available from me in 2014. See you then?