Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DICE 2014 Sketch List

Why not?

It's DICE O' Clock: The Dublin International Comic Expo hits Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin this weekend (27th & 28th September), and I'm prepared to let it. Details are here - - and the guest list includes Oscar nominees, Eisner winners, and me. So I'll fit right in.

I'll be signing and sketching for your delectation, with the latest array of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye prints to sell you too. But ahead of the show, I'm taking on a sketch list. This means I won't have time to shave, and it's unlikely I'll make time to shower. Brushing my teeth is a slight possibility, but my appalling personal hygiene could be YOUR gain.

So, there are examples of what's on offer below, but you can ask for anything - Death's Head, New Warriors, Monster Motors, surprise me! The sketches cost €30 each. They're Head & Shoulders/Busts ONLY and are inked with added greytone. All you need to do to nab one is reply in the 'Comments' below, adding:

The Character's name
Your name
The day you'll be collecting your sketch

The show wraps at 6 pm each day, so if you could leave your collection time for these images until after 4.30 pm on your chosen day, that'd be great. But definitely come along and hang out while I draw. Very important though:


When I think of all the poor, uncollected sketches I've burnt to keep warm over years, it imbues me with spine-snapping fury. So, don't do that.

Alright then? See you in a few days! 

Keep it Nicey, keep it Spicy, keep it Dublin International Comic Expo-y!

(You can have that one, John.)