Tuesday, July 23, 2013


No time to pretty this up, my darlings: The cold, hard sell starts here!

I'm going to be at Transformers convention AUTO ASSEMBLY in Birmingham on the 10th-12th of August this year (Check out autoassembly.org.uk) where I'll be chinwagging and shilling my way with the sort of swagger that's best given wide berth. For the first time ever, I'm opening up a pre-con sketch list. The sketches come in two varieties and two pre-con price ranges:

£15 for an A4 Black & White HEAD/SHOULDERS shot (10 available)
£55 for an A4 Black & White FULL SINGLE FIGURE shot (5 available)

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is reply in the comments section below, state YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece. PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it. The numbers available are as stated above. Once they've been filled, please don't send any more requests unless further slots become available.

So go to it! Sorry there's less razzle-dazzle to this announcement. Thanks so much for taking a punt on this. I'll have more to chat about too, including unveiling this year's set of prints!

I love you all in a very real and invasive way. X


Anonymous said...

Andu - Thunder Clash headshot. I can pay on Friday and pick it up on Sunday.

Owain Rudge said...

Hi Nick!

I'm Owain,

I'd like a Full figure shot of G1 Deszaras/Deathsaurus please!

I'm at the Con from Friday to Monday so can pay/pickup throughout.


Unknown said...

Nick! Yay!

Name: Alex
Request: Full figure Vos (from DJD)

Around at AA Friday to Sunday, with money on all three days.

Unknown said...

Hi Nick, Could I have a full figure of Snare please? I miss that crazy, conflicted so and so :).
I'm there all weekend
Thanks James

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Nick

Sam Hyland

Could I get a full figure sketch of Rotorstorm please.

I should be able to pay at any time and pick up any day but for convenience I'll pick it up Sunday.

Richard Ireland said...

Hi Nick,

Could I have a head and shoulders of Chromedome please (if you could pop rewind in too that would be absolutely fantastic)

I am at AA all weekend so can pick up on Sat or Sun

My name is Richard Ireland (foxindebox)

Ta muchly

Nick said...

Lovely stuff, guys! Thanks so much!

NEXT full figure request is the last one!Just keeping tally...


Unknown said...

Full figure of Piranacon if possible and I'm not too late.
I'll be there all weekend same bat time as always - Kapow stand.


DarkestHour17 said...

Hi Nick,

Please could I have a head and shoulder sketch of Chromedome

I will be attending all weekend so whenever is easiest for you.

Many thanks

Lisa (@DarkestH0ur):)

Nick said...

Full Figure list is...well, full! No more please until further notice. Thanks kiddies!


Unknown said...

The name is Vanessa, and could I get a black and white head/shoulder shot of MTMTE Drift?
I'll be able to pick it up on Saturday. Thank you so much in advance!

Unknown said...

Request for Sprite.

Chromedome&Rewind, together, head shot (will pay extra for the two). If not, single of Rung!

Request for Dave (Temple), who has been in and out of hospital.

Rodimus headshot.


Zh' Gingaah said...

Damn, you've gotta be up early in the morning to get some Nick action these days!

Since the full figures are gone for now, headshot wise I'd love if you could do me a Megatron please, as per the new toy / your spotlight issue.

I'm 'indahouse' from Thursday to Monday, so no(t much) rush! :)

Cheers, Nick!

Andy 'ZhGingaah' Senyszyn

Unknown said...

Heya Nick. I'd like a Head'n'shoulders to stop my burning, tingling sensation please. I'll give you a choice and you can go with whomever you find most interesting/fun.
MTMTE Whirl, OR Smokescreen, OR Carnivac (no shell, Marvel inspired).

Peace out, you mother!

Ed P

Martin Fisher said...

Would love a head shot of Dead End- using the Don F design from the TF ongoing but with a normal Nick face.
Will be leaving Sunday morning.


Martin F

Sam. said...

Nick! Can I get a head/shoulder shot of Magnus please, to continue my TF:TM head shot series?

You're a d'all, see you in a few weeks for mirth and merriment, and maybe a few robits too :)


Nick said...

Lovely stuff, all. ONE more headshot slot...who's it to be...?

Stuart said...

Hi Nick, please could I get a headshot of Shockwave?

Will be there on Sunday only.



Uniformshark said...

Hey is there still a slot open maybe? ;u;

Name: Monika

I fell in love with your Spotlight Megatron and how you draw Starscream.
Can I have a headshot of him, maybe roughed up a bit?

I can pick it up during all of the convention!

Uniformshark said...

Oh darn I think I missed the cut off :C sorry nvm then hopefully you also offer some slots on the convention itself? ;u;"

Unknown said...

I didn't know how to get these to you any other way, but I thought you'd enjoy these pictures from Auto Assembly nonetheless! I was the girl with the black/white checkered scarf running around with the "fancy" camera. (: Hope you enjoy the photos, and if you'd like, I can give you some insight into military life if you're curious at all! Just hit me up at bmrobinson19@aim.com.




Owain Rudge said...

Massive thanks again, Nick, for my Deszaras sketch, it's completely amazing!

Nick said...

Berea: LOVELY talking to you, and thanks for linking to your shots! Do you mind if I share them on Twitter? I'll totally be in touch for future military reference and research, thanks! Cheers Berea!

Owain: Pleasure (and the pain) was all mine. Great character, LOVED drawing him. Till next time!

Unknown said...

Nick, you're more than welcome to use them on your Twitter, go right ahead! :D Super cool meeting you, and I will send you many good vibes towards creating awesome pieces of art and wicked cool stories. I look forward to speaking with you again!