Friday, July 1, 2022


It's TFNation O' Clock, chum. 12th to 14th August at the Ol' Hilton Metropole in that Birmingham. And there ain't NOTHIN' you can do about it.

Can't wait to see you again after three long years, where we both do the the thing where we don't mention how old and wrecked we've both gotten.

To paper over the cracks of our awkward relationship, for GOD sake, buy some artwork, WON'T YOU?


Pre-Order Price for an A4 Black & White TORSO ONLY shot is £70 Add £50 for ONE additional character

£90 for Live-Action TRANSFORMERS Movie Designs! :)

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, the VERSION 
(G1, Beast Wars, IDW, etc) , and an idea of the day you'll be available to collect the piece.
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters!

* I will only be able to accept CASH at TFNation, no cards. 
* You can Paypal me AT the show if you can show me your digital receipt for the transaction.
*No over-the-top amounts of props or quirky accessories! (eg: Optimus Prime pushing a shopping trolley full of discounted porcelain.) They take additional time to research and/or design. But all reasonable requests considered! :)
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.
* Seriously, this happens a LOT. It's not cool, and I will name and shame offenders!


Dom Salvia said...

Hey man, hit me with that Megan Guiglione looking like some kind of evil boss please! Maybe a little something implying the terror hiding within somewhere on it?
I'll be around all weekend to pick things up.

Love ya
Dom Salvia

Joseph said...

Evening, hope it's not too much but if you find the time I'd like a armada thrust and sideways looking devious, thank you Joseph, be at the con all weekend

Gav Spence said...

Nick! I'm looking to continue my LSOTD Lineup (I have Ironfist and Pyro by you already of course) with a nice pic of Guzzle looking like a maniac.

I'll be around the whole TFN weekend but will make seeing you a PRIORITY!

Gavin Spence

Claude said...

Hey Nick,

I was after two commissions if that is okay!

1: I'm after one of IDW Damus (Glitch), I'd love if he could be looking at a photo/blueprint of Tarn's body or just holding his head/mask looking REALLY excited and happy. He's just a little lad and he wants to be happy and make people proud.

2: ITS PROJECT GETAWAY TIME. I'm aiming for a smug/refined vibe, shit-eating grin, fangs and all. The vibe of "i'm the best person in this room and you should listen to me". Just make him feral, go nuts.

Thanks as always,

Siloé (Shadow) said...
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Siloé (Shadow) said...

Hey Nick!

Coming back to you with my favorite design, I'll be happy to add a torso shot of Bayverse Ironhide to the list! I'll leave the posing to you since I know you can draw him as badass as he actually is.

I'll be at TFN all weekend, can't wait to stop by!

Thank you!

Siloé (aka. Shadow)

Owain Rudge said...

Hi Nick!

Could you do a Star Convoy for me, please? I can imagine the awesome already!
I will be at TFN all weekend, as ever.


Jo said...

Hi Nick! Requesting Vector Prime (Cybertron), holding up a fancy-looking hourglass and smiling knowingly at the camera, if possible.
Will be around for the full weekend. Thanks!
- Jo

Abby Ryder said...

Hullo Nick, please may I request your sexiest IDW MTMTE Rodimus, and I will provide monies. I will be there all weekend. Yooooo!

Mi Chelle said...

Hi Nick!

In addition to the G1 Astrotrain headshot I've asked for, could I have a torso shot of G1 Astrotrain and fellow giant train robot Advenger from The Brave of Gold: Goldran being cute friends (smiling/laughing together/etc)?

Here's what Advenger looks like if that helps:

As mentioned before, I'll be at TFN all weekend, though I can collect both the headshot and this torso commission on Sunday if that's preferable for you!

Many thanks again and very best wishes,
Mi Chelle (Michelle)

Clearheart Apple said...

Nick, I'll throw down a fun one for you, From Thor Love & Thunder. Thor in His Ravager costume. I leave ot up to yourself to do whatever you want.

Matt Davis said...

Hi Nick,

Is there any chance you could do me a an IDW/Lost Light style Huffer torso, with him looking as bored/miserable as possible? If you could do it A5 size that would be my preference but A4 is fine.

Many thanks,

Unknown said...

Hey Nick,

Can i please have a deadpool comission anything with his swords involved im good with :) , something a bit different to the usual "add one to the wrecker lineup" im feeling a bit different this year :)

Ill be on the toyfu table all weekend so ill no doubt see you there :)

Andy B

The True Phantasm said...

Hi there Nick R it's Nick S I'll be on my stall all weekend so I won't be too hard to track down or I can run over before trading starts, more than happy to pay in advance.

Please can I comission, something that's not mechanical give you a bit of a break in that respects :), a torso of the batman villain "The Phantasm" from the mask of the phantasm film, but done in your style.

See you at the convention.

Jess said...

Hi Nick

I hope I'm not too late in asking for a commission - I'm a bit late seeing stuff on twitter.
Would you be able to do a torso shot of sniper Perceptor looking badass? I just love your design for Percy.

Thank you :)
Jess N (Mush)

Scott Kenner said...

Hi Nick,

If you could do me a G1 Wheeljack please. If possible could he be holding a crazy ass invention in one hand & a wrench/spanner in the other. If not that's fine.

I'll be able to collect & pay on Saturday.

Thank you in advance.

Ian Tait said...

Hi Nick,

Can I get Dante from DMC4, casually holding Rebellion and/or Ebony and Ivory on his shoulders.

Ian Tait said...

Jumped the gun on that... I'll be around all weekend, is there any way for me to pre-pay?


Nick said...


Guys, thanks so much for the requests, you've given me LOTS to work with!

No more requests after this message will be taken - no exceptions, sorry!

See you all at TFNation!

Nick Roche