Friday, June 16, 2023


 It's summer, and I wanna get nice and sweaty over some convention commissions. WON'T YOU HELP A POOR BOY OUT?

It's TFNATION timethe convention with a heart bigger than the giant robots it celebrates. It's on from11th - 13th August 2023 at Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, just outside Birmingham UK. I'm taking on some pre-show commissions! And you can tell me what you need below. Art-wise, I mean. Emotional support/character assassination can be provided, but only in person at the show.

Details below, follow the instructions, hit the Comments Section, and just tell me what you WANT from me, I'm beggin' ya.


Add £80 for ONE Additional Character

£180 for Live-Action TRANSFORMERS Movie Designs/Combiner Robots :)

To be eligible for these, all you need to do is:

* Reply in the comments section below
* State YOUR name, the name of the CHARACTER you want, the VERSION (G1, Beast Wars, IDW, etc) and of the character you want.
* State the day you're attending and want to collect your commission on. All art will be ready for collection on Sunday 13th, unless you're a Saturday-only attendee, so let me know!
* Sorry, no fan/original characters, but feel free to request non-TF characters! 
* I will only be able to accept CASH at TFNation, no cards. 
* But, you can Paypal me AT the show if you can show me your digital receipt for the transaction.
**No over-the-top amounts of props or quirky accessories! (eg: Optimus Prime pushing a shopping trolley full of discounted porcelain.) They take additional time to research and/or design. But all reasonable requests considered! :)
* PLEASE only order a sketch if you will be able to attend to pick it up, and, you know, pay for it.


Robin Hunt said...

Hi it’s Robin - I definetly want a full figure commission I just need to check my previous ones and see who’s missing. I was thinking about Countdown the Micromaster with his base on the background but I’ll let you know asap. Also can I have it on a comic cover if I send you a blank? Cheers

Gordon McKenzie said...

Hey Nick,

Could I get a full figure of Max Dinobots Sludge (robot mode), holding his gun in a similar pose to Arnie does in the "it's definitely you" moment from Terminator 2 (for reference, this bit, hopefully link works: ) please?

I'll be at TFN all days so happy to pick up whenever is good for you!

Gordon McKenzie

Martin said...

Hi Nick,

I had a fantastic Optimus Prime from you last year - could I have Hot Rod shooting at the captured Autobot shuttle from Transformers the Movie (he has his visor down and is shooting from his wrist vents) ie the scene from the film where the ‘cons start firing back

I’m at TFN only on the Saturday, so hopefully I can pick it up then. My name is Martin Spicer.

Many thanks,


Chris said...

Hi Nick. Could I ask for Transformers Prime Megatron looking disgruntled as his seat has been taken over by a happy comfy cat.
You did me an awesome Prime Starscream last year, hoping you can top that!
If its too much to ask, then I'm more than happy for a Prime Megatron in any action pose.
I'm at TFNation all weekend.

mellowshade said...

Hi Nick,

I would like a full body of Earthspark Tarantulas doing something he enjoys and generally looking contented. Bot or Spider mode is fine, whichever gets your creative juices flowing. I will be at the show Thur-Mon so am about the whole event.

Lee Trayler aka Spider Father

Tom said...

Hello Nick, I'd like to commission a whopping three full figure piece. The characters are IDW Tailgate, Cyclonus and Whirl. I'd like them in their inevitable state - at the altar at the moment of exchanging triangular 'I do's. Of course I'm not expecting background or, god forbid, a crowd. Happy to chat about the details. I'll be at TFNation on Saturday with the person whose birthday present this will be.


Razorsaw said...

Hi Nick, this is Ty_Rannos from Twitter. I'd like to commission Power Core Combiners Darkstream, Bombshock, and Smolder. I'd like Bombshock in a commanding pose while Smolder and Darkstream flank them. Smolder should be growling, while Darkstream has a sinister expression. Also, I'd prefer it if Darkstream were drawn as if they were a female Transformer.

I will be paying through my friend lesbianautica. Thanks in advance for doing this. If you want to discuss details, you're free to DM me on Twitter.

Ruari Quinn said...

Hi Nick, this is ruari_quinn on Twitter.

I'd love to request a full figure piece of RID15 Strongarm please. Ideally she'd be closer to her IDW looks in terms of having a nose and using an axe similar to the Energon toy if weapons suggestions are ok. If not, her blaster from the show would be good. Any kind of action-ready pose would be great, anything that'd fit her character.

I'm at TFNation both the Saturday and the Sunday so whatever time works would be great.

Huge thanks in advance and if there's any other info I can add, please don't hesitate to message me on Twitter.

Best wishes,


Chris said...

Hi Nick, can I get a full body of G1ish Thrust please?
Will be there all weekend to pick up

Lisa said...

Hi Nick! My name is Lisa. Thank you for keeping these open a little longer, I just got my trip squared away!
I would love to commission a picture of IDW Perceptor and Brainstorm if possible, either of two situations if either of them speak to you:
- Looking like they're trying to explain what they like about each other, with one reacting to the other
- Perceptor judging one of Brainstorm's inventions/weapons really hard

If this is too much, I would otherwise like to commission IDW Whirl being a dad to Sparky, whatever that looks like in your vision!

Thank you so much for considering!! I will be at TFNation both days.

Brjánn V said...

Hello Nick, My name is Brjánn. I would love a commission of Earthspark Twitch and Rescue Bots Academy Whirl, both of them just cheery and playing together.

I'm at the convention on Saturday and Sunday.

Unknown said...

Hey Nick!

Still craving a full body Nova Storm and Skywarp from you! I know I'm not at TFNation this year, but you can probably send by way of Mae Catt (OR I can pay postage if you want to do it after the TFN crunch). Just tell me where to send you money!

Nicole Dubuc

Nick said...

Hey all, Nick here!


Sincere thanks to all of you for signing up. Can't wait to get started on your art, and see your lovely faces at TFNation. Find me @NickRoche on twitter if you need me.